Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How Does This Work?

By booking me to voice your project you are also booking my broadcast quality recording studio.  I record your script, with the option for you to listen in and direct during the recording session, and then provide you with the sound files in whatever format you need.

1) Send your script(s) by direct email to:

2) Let me know the voice style you would like, or simply send me a link to another voice you like.

3) Tell me your requirements and budget for the job.

4) I will send you a short recorded extract to test the voice style, pace, accent, etc. Once you OK all of this I will record the full script.

5) I will record in my studio.

6) You can download quality audio files in your requested format , multiple takes if required, usually the same day.

7) Or choose to direct me via headphones at an arranged time. Use IpDTL, Source-Connect, Skype, etc.

8) Ask me to re-record if not 100% satisfied. No extra charge.

9) When you’re happy, I will send you an invoice with 30 days to pay. PayPal is accepted or use bank transfer in £, €, $.


Why should I use you for my voiceovers?

I am  fast, friendly and flexible, and offer my services at a reasonable level of investment.

You don’t need to worry about booking a studio either – unless you want to. Using my studio is also a lot cheaper than hiring a third-party studio, especially if they are in London.

How fast is the turnaround time?

Usually the same day and in under 4 hours, I am often in the studio 7 days a week, (although I have been known to take short holidays!) with files sent by e-mail for by a large secure file transfer service. If there are any problems with the recording, technically or editorially, I  will re-record at the soonest opportunity, at of course, no extra cost.   

Sometimes of course the project is very big and will take days to record and edit, it will also depend on my current availability.

I encourage you to listen to – or direct the session – either via Skype, Source Connect, ipDTL or by old-fashioned phone.

If you are unable to do this, our preparation can prevent re-records and amendments later. I could also record more than one version of a sentence or paragraph, giving you the opportunity to use the one you prefer.

What happens if you make a mistake in the voiceover?

I want you to be delighted with the voiceover audio but if, for some reason, I made a mistake, then I will correct it free of charge. I encourage you to listen to (or direct) the session to prevent mistakes happening and to make sure you are happy with the tone, style and pace of the voiceover recording. This helps me with possible script changes and pronunciations; it also means I provide a perfect recording in time for you to meet your deadline.

Amendments to the script after a session has finished will be chargeable.

What if I change my mind and want to alter the script after you have recorded it?

If the script changes after the session has finished, then this may incur another session fee.

How can I be sure that what you record will be how I want the voiceover to sound?

Once you have commissioned me to record your voiceover and we have agreed a price, we will take some time to discuss the script and any difficult pronunciations, and technical terms, to make sure I get these correct.

What Does It Cost?

That is actually a difficult question to answer – it is totally dependent on what the project is and where it is going to be heard/seen.  I follow Equity rate cards where they exist – and like to think I am otherwise competitive with my pricing.  I operate a basic studio fee (or BSF) which is my minimum charge for any session or job, please note that there may be extra “usage” fees for use of the audio on the internet, depending upon the size of the end client.

There will be extra usage fees for adverts shown on YouTube, promoted posts on social media, TV, radio, mobile apps, Spotify and in cinemas.

Drop me an email or give me a call with all the details of your project and I will be very happy to quote for you.

How much do you charge for voiceovers for adverts?

For voiceovers for radio commercials in the UK I charge the station rates based on the Agent Equity rate card.

For TV commercials, internet commercials and radio stations outside the UK, please ask me for a quote.

What About Usage – Where can I use my recording?

The time taken to produce the recording is just one of the elements contributing to how much it will cost to hire a professional voiceover.  The other is usage –  a fee to use the recording that is dependent on where the recording will be heard.  It is usual to negotiate a usage fee depending on whether the voice recording is for broadcast (TV/Radio/Cinema) or non-broadcast, whether it is for internal or external use, whether it is for a website that is visited by many thousands of people, or just a few hundred.  You should expect any voice artist to quote a usage fee on top of their basic studio fee (BSF) to grant you the right to use their voice in the public domain.  For more details, read the  Government’s Intellectual Property Office website.

What is Finished Audio?

“Finished Audio” is the recording of your script, edited and with the breathing removed (de-breathed). It’s the final masterpiece for you to use.

So when we talk about 10 minutes of Finished Audio, this is how long the voiceover will be, as opposed to how long it will take to prepare the script, record it and edit it which will, of course, be much longer.

I’m interested – can you provide a quote?

Happy to!

Please provide the following information and I will be able to send you an initial quote:

The script(s) in WORD or PDF format.

If you wish to direct the session

Your budget (if you have one)

Where the audio will be used

Will this be for an unfinished or finished recording?

Can I Listen in and Direct?

Yes – of course!  You can listen in via Skype, Source Connect, ipDTL,etc and talk to me as I record your project.  Alternatively, I can self-direct the recording session and send you your sound files afterwards.

Do I Need to Have ISDN?

Absolutely not, in fact I do not use ISDN anymore,  in fact I can now produce sessions via ipDTL which is the equivalent of ISDN but over the internet.

I can chat to people while in the studio via Skype, Source Connect, ipDTL or phone – I will hear you in my headphones as I record, and you can hear my reading in real time and direct it to your needs.

How Do I Pay You?

By bank transfer, or PayPal.We can discuss how you would prefer to settle your invoice as part of the quoting process.

What File Formats Can You Supply?

I record in high quality wav, but can provide files in practically any format you need – high quality mp3,  low quality mp3, AIFF, etc.  Just ask!

How Do I Get My Recording?

If the session is not via Source Connect or ipDTL then either I can upload your files to your own FTP server or you can download them from Dropbox, You Send It/Hightail, We Transfer or any other FTP system that will work with your firewall. 

For small files I can email them direct if that is quicker, and if your mail server will accept them.


Further Questions?

I will do my very best to answer them!